sábado, agosto 26, 2006

¡Dos descubrimientos altamente perturbadores!

DescubrimientoNúmeroUno: There are many theories on how the tarantella began, and unless an in-depth study is made into the origins of this dance we cannot say with accuracy which is correct, but here are two of the most popular.
1. The bite of a spider - The dance was used apparently to cure the bite of the spider. The bite of the spider was presumed to make one hallucinate. The town's folk will play music while the afflicted person would dance nonstop, to ward off the spider's venom.
Fact: While painful, a tarantula bite is not fatal. However, a bite from a black widow spider, whose venom is ten times more lethal than that of the rattlesnake, can cause acute pain which seems to be alleviated by physical exercise -- thus the tarantella and an identity crisis for the spiders involved.
2. Oppression of women - Another origin leans on a legend of a woman who was depressed and frustrated from the subordinate lifestyle would fall into a trance that could only be cured by music and dance. This normally lasted three days and during that time the tarantata would be the center of attention, which in turn would cure them of their frustrations and depressions.*

Existe un innegable parecido entre Henrik Ibsen y Davy Jones.

Uhm, ya viéndolos juntos, creo que no.
* El DescubrimientoNúmeroUno me lo robé de acá.